Management Company Benefits

VIVE has created the industry’s most efficient “Cloud” solution for the laborious and risk laden task of vendor compliance management.  VIVE is not a “feel good”, vendor referral system based on consumer testimonials.  Referral based systems provide an outstanding reference, but is a service outside of VIVE’s scope. VIVE’s services professionals, that need to know that the vendors they hire to service their properties are continually screened for proper licensing, adequate and current insurance, criminal activity, government watch lists,  and financial capacity.  VIVE has successfully woven this quality control fabric into a mutually beneficial operating system for its clients’ and the vendors they work with, offering efficiencies, cost savings and opportunities for everyone.

Why Should I Use Professional Vetting Services for My Vendors:


Risk Mitigation

  • Mitigate reputation risk with your clients by knowing your vendors’ full profile
  • Only vendors meeting your standards can work on your properties reducing asset valuation risk
  • Automated system alerts informs all key parties when a vendor is found to be out of compliance
  • Monitoring of Insurance policies throughout 12 month period for all vendors



  • A majority of VIVE’s streamlined implementation process is completed by VIVE staff members
  • System generated notices assist with vendors compliance
  • Accounting software integration simplifies the set-up process and ongoing maintenance
  • Email and phone call reduction for your staff
  • Search for new vendors that meet your requirements within our system



  • Tailor compliance requirements globally or by trade type
  • Set fee waivers for specific vendors at your discretion
  • Certain vendor groups (e.g. utility companies, suppliers, etc) may be determined as exempt from compliance testing based upon your company’s needs
  • VIVE allows clients to customize site locations, assigning vendors to specific sites



Cost Effective

  • VIVE is completely free to our management company clients.
  • No limit to the number of users


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